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Help us keep your garage doors working safely and quietly.  Schedule service today!

We Service and Repair Most Major Door Manufacturers

We Service And Repair Most Major Makes And Models Of Door Openers

Your Safety Is Always Our Primary Concern

Safety Eyes

Safety Cables

Common Garage Door Repairs

  • Broken springs or Cables
  • Broken glass/windows
  • Broken panels
  • Noisy door opener

Things tend to break at the worst times! Maybe you’re just about to head out on vacation and realize your door wont close!  Thankfully Keene Door provides emergency repair and service.  Contact us now for emergency service.

Did someone back into your door, or try to enter your garage with bikes on the roof?

 We can handle that!  From broken door panels, to replacing windows and glass, we’ve got you covered.

Maybe your garage door is below someone’s room and the opener is loud and wakes them up.  We can help you select a new opener that isn’t as loud.  Contact us today!

Our 19 Point Safety Checklist:

1.) Inspect and adjust all vertical and horizontal tracks for alignment
2.) Inspect door for proper alignment in tracks and opening
3.) Inspect and lubricate springs, tracks, rollers, bearings and pulleys
4.) Tighten all hinges and brackets
5) Inspect cables for wear and rust, lubricate ends
6.) Inspect sections for cracks and flatness
7.) Inspect weather seal on bottom, top and sides of door/opening
8.) Run door for proper operation

9.) Remove the cover and inspect, adjust, and lubricate the gears and belts
10.)Check wall button for proper operation
11.) Check remotes and replace batteries
12.) Check Wireless keypads and replace batteries
13.) Tighten Chain/belt
14.) Inspect and tighten rail and j-arm
15.) Lubricate sprockets, gears and rail
16.) Check all connections and wiring
17.) Adjust up and down pressures
18.) Adjust up and down travel limits
19.) Perform all safety inspections