Keene Door - Garage Door Specialists
Keene Door - Service and Repair

24 Hour Emergency Service

Keene Door installs and repairs garage doors and all makes and models of garage door openers for both Residential and Commercial customers. We guarantee all of our work.


Our certified technicians are experts at installing garage doors and openers. Whether you have a standard design, low headroom or vertical lift, we have the tools and experience to complete the job.


Our 19-Point Tune-up, completed by certified technicians can keep your garage doors running smoothly and prevent costly repairs. We will inspect all parts of the door including tracks, cables, springs, rollers, bearings and pulleys. We tighten hardware and brackets, all moving parts are lubed and if necessary recommendations are made by the technician. Openers are lubed, inspected, adjustments to pressures and travel are made, and a final safety test is performed.

24-Hour, seven-day a week service is available.


Keene Door is equipped to handle repairs to your garage doors and openers. Our modern, fully equipped service vehicles and our certified technicians are able to repair any make or model of garage door and openers. Our extensive parts department enables us to replace parts quickly.


Overhead doors are the largest moving part of your home or business. We recommend a regular service to ensure your doors continue to run trouble free. A Keene Door representative will be happy to visit your location, and recommend the best solution to suit your individual needs and budget.

Keene Door - Garage Door Specialists
Keene Door - Garage Door Openers

24 Hour Emergency Service
19 Point Tune-Up

Garage Doors
  • Inspect and adjust all vertical and horizontal tracks for alignment
  • Inspect door for proper alignment in tracks and opening
  • Inspect and lubricate springs, tracks, rollers, bearings and pulleys
  • Tighten all hinges and brackets
  • Inspect cables for wear and rust, lubricate ends
  • Inspect sections for cracks and flatness
  • Inspect weather seal on bottom, top and sides of door/opening
  • Run door for proper operation
Power Openers
  • Remove the cover and inspect, adjust, and lubricate the gears and belts
  • Check wall button for proper operation
  • Check remotes and replace batteries
  • Check Wireless keypads and replace batteries
  • Tighten Chain/belt
  • Inspect and tighten rail and j-arm
  • Lubricate sprockets, gears and rail
  • Check all conections and wiring
  • Adjust up and down pressures
  • Adjust up and down travel limits
  • Perform all safety inspections
Keene Door - Garage Door Openers
Keene Door - Garage Door Specialists
Our Guarantee

Keene Door guarantees all of our work for one full year from the date service is performed. Our Guarantee covers the following: any specific repair that fails, with normal use, up to one year from the date of service will be repaired again at no charge including new parts replaced during said repair.

For example: We replace a spring and the spring fails within one year - we will replace at no charge.

What is not covered under warranty: Parts that are not repaired in initial visit.

For example; We replace a broken spring and nine months later your opener needs a gear-kit - this visit would not be covered.

Any time Keene Door visits you for a service call, we do perform our 19-point complete service to your garage door and openers at no additional cost to you. This preventative maintenance has proven to be a valuable benefit for our customers.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and the level of customer service we provide. Our goal is to gain the respect and trust of our customers. Fairness and Integrity is the cornerstone of our continued success.